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Reduced subscription rate for subscription of the "International Journal of Groundwater for Sustainable Development (to be published from 2008 on)

Reduced regisration fees for congresses, workshops, etc. organised or co-organised by ISGSD

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is a functional network where different stakeholders including GO, NGO and academic institution collaborate to share information on emerging issues in connection to groundwater management. ISGSD intends to create a common platform for the sector professionals for exchanging new ideas, views and knowledge. A global platform that stimulates initiatives for the advancement of sciences related to groundwater.

The ISGSD will contribute to information, training and research and will lead to an increased capacity of professionals in the area of hydrogeology, water resources management and related fields. Its creation will lead to improved management and protection of groundwater resources through the collaboration of water resources professionals from universities, public water institutions, non-governmental organizations, public/private sector professionals, international funding agencies and other relevant institutions.

The ISGSD technically focus on groundwater but recognizing the importance of integrated water resources management also requires activities in public health, legal, economic, policy and social realms of water resources development, management and protection.

Fields of interest will cover the technical, environmental, legal, economic, social, and gender aspects of groundwater resources management. The activities will be centered on groundwater use, contamination and protection (without departing from the larger framework of integrated groundwater resources management).

The ISGSD is included within the broader purpose of improving sustainable development, to fulfill the basic human needs, to protect the environment, good management and respect to human rights.
The various activities will focus on:

  • Improving capacity of the sector professionals including GO and NGOs and academic institutions.
  • Sharing state-of-the-art knowledge (new publications, congresses, fieldwork results) in the area of common interest.
  • Discussing problems and questions posed by fellow members, the politicians, international aid and technical cooperation agencies, general public or
    potential clients and members.
  • Create a platform for regular international congresses (proposed biannually) with the name of International Congress Groundwater for Sustainable Development (ICGSD) as well as regional conferences organized locally by the regional or individual country chapters of the ISGSD.
  • Another component in the spectrum of ISGSD activities is to prepare strategies for joint research and advisory activities of the Communities of Experts.
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    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    May 11–16, 2014

    One century of the discovery of arsenicosis in Latin America


    Past Congresses:

    July 23-27, 2012
    Cairns, Australia

    Understanding the medical-geological interface of arsenic
    2010 3rd International Congress
    "Arsenic in the geosphere
    and human diseases"

    Tainan, Taiwan
    Program/Abstract Volume

    2008 2nd International Congress
    "Arsenic: From Nature
    to Human"

    Valencia, Spain

    2006 1st International Congress
    "Natural Arsenic in
    Groundwater of Latin America"

    Mexico City, Mexico
    More Info >>
    Program/Abstract Volume
    Book series
    Volume 1:
    Natural Arsenic in Groundwaters of Latin America (2009)
    Editors: J. Bundschuh, M.A. Armienta, P. Birkle, Prosun Bhattacharya, J. Matschullat & A.B. Mukherjee
    Volume 2:
    The Global Arsenic Problem: Challenges for Safe Water Production (2010))
    Editors: N. Kabay, J. Bundschuh, B. Hendry, M. Bryjak, K. Yoshizuka, P. Bhattacharya & S. Anac
    Volume 3:
    The Taiwan Crisis: a Showcase of the Global Arsenic Problem (2010)
    Authors: J.-S. Jean, J. Bundschuh, C.-J. Chen, H.-W. Guo, C.-W. Liu, T.-F. Lin & Y.-H. Chen
    Volume 4:
    Arsenic: Natural and Anthropogenic (2011)
    Editors: E. Deschamps & J. Matschullat
    Volume 5:
    Arsenic Geochemistry (Dec. 2011)
    Authors: D.K. Nordstrom & H.E. Jamieson

    Swedish Tax Administration in Stockholm, Sweden, with the institutional address: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Department of Land and Water Resources Engineering, Teknikringen 76, SE-100 44 STOCKHOLM, Sweden

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