National Chapters

National Chapters for better development and sustainable management of groundwater resources

In order to expand and develop the ISGSD community globally, ISGSD is encouraging the establishment of Local Chapters (i.e. groups) within individual countries/regions/territories called as National/Regional Chapters. The aim of the National/Regional Chapters is that these Chapters are established by local groups of ISGSD members in activities concerning the development and promotion of the activities of the ISGSD on a global scale. Developing “Chapters” is a fundamental basis by which larger societies strengthen their regional node with the activities of the ISGSD and embed with actions that are of strategic importance for their national/regional agenda. The members of the National Chapters must be members of the ISGSD and must be constituted of members representing at least two different organizations in the Country or at least five (5) paid members of the Society.

To be recognized as a formal Chapter, the Chapter Leader must send an e-mail request to the ISGSD Executive Secretary addressed to the ISGSD Executive Board. The ES will forward the request to the ISGSD Executive Board. The request must include the following information:

Current National Chapters are:

The National Chapters of ISGSD are currently being constituted and/or reorganized. More updates will be available soon.