A global inter and multidisciplinary platform to improve groundwater resources.

ISGSD is a functional network where different stakeholders including GO, NGO and academic institution collaborate to share information on emerging issues in connection to groundwater management.

A common platform for the sector professionals

A functional network for stakeholders like GO, NGO and academic institution.

ISGSD intends to create a common platform for the sector professionals for exchanging new ideas, views and knowledge. A global platform that stimulates initiatives for the advancement of sciences related to groundwater.

The ISGSD will contribute to information, training and research and will lead to an increased capacity of professionals in the area of hydrogeology, water resources management and related fields. Its creation will lead to improved management and protection of groundwater resources through the collaboration of water resources professionals from universities, public water institutions, non-governmental organizations, public/private sector professionals, international funding agencies and other relevant institutions.

Recognizing the importance of integrated water resources management.

The ISGSD technically focus on groundwater but recognizing the importance of integrated water resources management also requires activities in public health, legal, economic, policy and social realms of water resources development, management and protection.

Fields of interest will cover the technical, environmental, legal, economic, social, and gender aspects of groundwater resources management. The activities will be centered on groundwater use, contamination and protection (without departing from the larger framework of integrated groundwater resources management).

The ISGSD is included within the broader purpose of improving sustainable development, to fulfill the basic human needs, to protect the environment, good management and respect to human rights.

ISGSD Executive Board